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The Podd Socks Podcast is an Australian Comedy Podcast where three childhood friends who are now in their 30’s talk about current events, conspiracy theories & their lives living in Australia. Generally the show often tackles issues or themes that are considered not politically correct but attempts to put a comedic spin on things, often to huge success.

Warning : Podd Socks is rated explicit  and often uses foul language. Listener discretion is advised.

PoddSocksFIX2  Cover Art by Yitsky 




The Podd Socks Music Theme

As of Episode 102 a new theme song was introduced created specifically for the podcast, heavily inspired by the original. You can download it here.

The old Podd Socks Theme Song is Odd Socks performed by Grand Pocket Orchestra and was used with permission. Check them out on SoundCloud & iTunes.



Question: Why are you called Podd Socks? That name is shit?

Answer:  First of all, your shit. Fuck you mate. The name was meant to be a combination of “Podcast & Odd Socks” merged together, like a sort of a clever play on words. In hindsight its probably not the best for marketing or attracting new listeners.


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