About Us

The Podd Socks Podcast is an Australian Comedy Podcast where we talk about current events, conspiracy theories & various interesting things. Maybe you will enjoy it, maybe you won’t.

Warning : Podd Socks is rated explicit because their is often sweary words.


Cover art designed by Empty Pages!

Cover Art by Yitsky

Cover Art by Yitsky

About the hosts:

Jack is a 30 year old  farmer who lives out in the sticks and enjoys science and video games.

Ben is a 30 year old Sydney dude who works in the multimedia / web design industry.

Nathan is a 30 year old father and store manager of a store that sells products. He likes ufo’s and ghosts primarily.

Kris is a 31 year old accountant who is disgusting. He likes to eat sugar and often takes things that one step too far. He loves the tv show Supergirl.



This is a true blue australian podcast that isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. I listen to it when i’m driving my truck.
Cheryl McKenzie, Adelaide, South Australia

These jokesters take a tongue-in-cheek jab at current events as they carve out their niche in the podcast genre. Each episode is an eclectic mix of no-holds-barred diatribes that take aim at a diverse range of topics in a natural style that is akin to a spirited discussion at the local pub. Often inappropriate and always entertaining, these boys tiptoe along the line of social acceptability and continue to deliver entertaining episodes that often leave you questioning whether to laugh or cringe, but never questioning whether to continue listening. The Podd Socks boys are definitely worth the subscription.
Matthew Green, Brisbane, QLD

I, uh, like it.
Barack Obama, America,

My new favorite Aussie Podcast!
Anthony Brown, Seattle, USA

Some of the most funniest conversation I’ve heard in a long time. Always good for a laugh, always eager for the next instalment. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a laugh.
Kyle Comtesse, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

A lovable bunch of rapscallions whom will steal your heart and throw it to the bottom of the ocean. These lads may not be something you expected, but if you give them a chance will engage with you and tickle a bone in your body that has lay dormant since your early childhood.
Dorian Dant, London England

To be honest it started off a bit dodgy, but the latest episodes are down right hilarious. This pod cast is probably the best thing on itunes that matches my sense of humour and the guys winning mix of personalities and stories have put them on the track to success. If you haven’t given this a look yet, do so as soon as possible.
Callipe Fay-VanHeusden, Darwin, Northern Territory


The Podd Socks Music Theme

As of Episode 102 a new theme song was introduced created specifically for the podcast, heavily inspired by the original. You can download it here.

The old Podd Socks Theme Song is Odd Socks performed by Grand Pocket Orchestra and was used with permission. Check them out on SoundCloud & iTunes.




  • Q. Why are you called Podd Socks? That name is shit?
    A. First of all, your shit. Fuck you mate. The name was meant to be a combination of “Podcast & Odd Socks” merged together, like a sort of a clever play on words. In hindsight its probably not the best for marketing or attracting new listeners, but whatever.
  • Q. I am good at graphic design, can i make you something? (episode art? macaroni necklaces?)
    A. Absolutely,  email us anything creative poddsocks@gmail.com and we’ll include it somehow!
  • Q. Can i promote something on your podcast or be a guest?
    A. We don’t advertise on the show, but if you want you can email us at poddsocks@gmail.com and we’ll try to sort something out! We usually don’t have guests unless they are big time celebrities like Melissa Benoist or Tom Welling.
  • Q. Can i watch your show in animated form?
    A. YES