Podd Socks – Episode 72 – State of Origin

Download the Mp3! It’s a very sporty episode this week as Ben discusses the state of origin, meanwhile Kris wonders about limb transplants. Nathan discusses his adventures in melbourne and everyone wonders about Aquaman’s powers.[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 71 – Plead the Fifth

Download the Mp3! Things are slowly returning to normal after being thrown into a state of disarray due to the unfortunate event that occured earlier in the month of Ben’s house getting robbed again. Meanwhile[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 70 – Spidermans Webs

Download the Mp3! Ben makes a weird hand signal that initiates a freaky public toilet encounter, meanwhile Kris wins some money at the golf course.   After a while Ben goes to sleep so we[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 68 – Anzac Dolphins

Download the Mp3! It’s Anzac day and Jack, Nathan & Kris sit down for a chat.  The CIA was training dolphins to use machine guns and some got loose during Hurricane katrina. Nathan is fascinated[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 65 – April Fools

Download the Mp3! It’s an April Fools review of 2014 and there is discussion on what April Fools means and the best pranks from this year. How I Met Your Mother finished this week and Kris[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 64 – All by Myself

Download the Mp3! Kris is all alone this week and tries to carry the show all by himself. Does it go well? Probably not. Kris rants about the most expensive dog in the world; a Tibetan Mastiff[…]