Episode 163 – Evil

What is the most evilest thing you’ve ever done? This week Jack, Nathan and Kris are talking about the concept of evil. Evil experiments that human beings have done in history such as testicular tests,[…]

Episode 162 – Earth Day

This Saturday is Earth Day – a day that forces us to evaluate the current environmental and climate status of the planet. Unfortunately the lads aren’t too keen on Earth Day, the history of earth[…]

Episode 161 – Everyone Hates Easter

It’s Easter and it’s that time of year when everyone is all eggy. This week Ben and Kris discuss the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017 and tragedies at theme parks – such as the tragedy[…]

Episode 160 – Fast Food Mascots

This week Jack, Nathan and Kris get down and dirty talking about various fast food mascots. From McDonalds, to the KFC kernal himself. Not to mention some lesser known mascots like the Domino’s pizza mascot.[…]

Episode 159 – Getting Ready for April Fools

It’s nearly April Fools Day, and the lads are here to provide council, guidance and a little bit of context in these troubling times. You don’t want to be made to look the fool do[…]

Episode 158 – Death Rituals Around the World

The way we grieve, commemorate, and dispose of our dead varies greatly from culture to culture, but some traditions really take funerals to the next level of macabre. This week, Ben and Kris discuss a[…]

Episode 157 – How to Become a Mermaid

For thousands of years there have been tales of scantily clad half fish half women. What are the origins of these mythical creatures and could they still be alive to this very day? In this[…]

Episode 156 – Pervert Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? This week Kris, Jack and Nathan discuss all things spooky ghosts! What are the ten signs that you may be living with a ghost? What are the most Haunted places[…]

Episode 155 – End of the World Scenario

Nathan, Kris, Jack and Ben have a special treat for you this week. A wonderful new episode of Podd Socks ripe with a comedic investigation of End of the World Scenario’s. What are survivalists? These[…]

Episode 154 – The Best Gambles

Ben, Jack, Nathan and Kris sit down to discuss the ins and outs of gambling. Gambling is a BILLION-dollar industry and it deserves some sort of analysis to say the least. Who are the best[…]