The best Australian comedy podcasts that you haven’t heard of!

The Best Australian Comedy Podcasts You Haven’t Heard!

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So what are the best Australian comedy podcasts? You could google that phrase! I’m sure you’d find lots of articles that just lists off a bunch of generic Aussie podcasts… But what are the smaller, non commercial indie podcasts that you haven’t heard about? Surely there are some good best Australian comedy podcasts out there that don’t feed off the corporate teet?

Let me introduce you to the Podd Socks Podcast! It’s a small Australian podcast that isn’t broadcast anywhere, but it does have a home online on various distribution platforms including iTunes. The sheer success of the podcast in Australia is underwhelming. Frequently this show occupies a region below the recorded top 10 episode lists, but that doesn’t deter it! The popularity of this podcast should be higher. You probably don’t trust me because this review is hosted on the podd socks website and is probably just some marketing ruse. You can trust me, i promise. Equipped with weird perspectives, hilarious scenarios and insightful commentary on current events, Podd Socks is the best comedy podcast to come out of Australia since Hugh Jackman.

Podd Socks started back in 2012 and has been running for four years now. It’s slowly built up an audience and is constantly improving. It is interesting to go back to 2012 and hear how far this podcast has grown. The premise of the show is for three friends to get together and have a simple conversation. The conversation often goes to weird and interesting places that can have you on the edge of your seat, bring you to tears, or make you laugh carelessly. Sometimes controversial and sometimes stupid, the hosts generally just try to have a good time and bring you along for an entertaining hour. For these reasons, it deserves to be mentioned in the best Australian comedy podcasts that you haven’t heard about… yet!

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Give it a try!

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