Episode 249 – Bad Christmas Movies

This week the lads are taking a look at some of the worst Christmas movies ever created, and a lot of them are created by the same company for the Hallmark channel. In fact it was announced that the Hallmark channel is going to be running 150 original Christmas movies this holiday season, including 22 new ones. What better way to get the low down on some of these possible new classic Christmas movies than by reacting to their trailers.

Check out our list of reviewed Bad Christmas Movies below!

  • A Princess for Christmas
  • My Santa
  • Girlfriends of Christmas Past
  • A dog walkers christmas tale
  • Married By Christmas
  • Nine Lives of Christmas
  • A cookie cutter christmas
  • Christmas Wedding Planner
  • Sharing Christmas
  • The Christmas Calendar
  • The Christmas Train
  • Holly’s Holiday
  • BONUS: Tiny Christmas
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