3 thoughts on “Episodes

  1. Hello it’s me, Olivia. I subscribed to this podcast. The shows are full of fastidious thoughts and good comedy.

  2. this is my favourite podcast to listen to while cleaning or doing other household things like taping up pictures. i’ve started a whole re-organization so i can jam as much picture space as possible over all the boring white walls and doors of my apartment. i can get calendars from the dollar store, so i’ve got quite a good nature selection going. i’m putting reject pictures in the lobby for others to peruse. i also did that with some GQ pictures of david beckam. maybe someone enjoyed them; they were quite sexy. i’m hoping i can exercise, now, too, with some of the earliest podcasts, since i already listened to every one of them. i’ve gotten a big motivation suck from having to do school work after a five-week public college strike. fucking canada. we got a “break” dec 22-jan 2. i am closer than ever to escaping into a forest and doing some kind of isolated job there like upkeep, idek.
    it’s amazing how i’ve been listening since like 2011 or some shit, and i’ve had depression all this time. it’s nice to listen to people who don’t pretend to be something they’re not.
    you’re all fucked, you especially, kris.

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