Episode 248 – Yuletide Monster Compendium

All throughout time there have been stories of monsters around christmas time… but just what are some of these fiendish creatures? We’ve created a Yuletime Monster Compendium with a plethora of the weirdest and wonderfullest[…]

Episode 247 – Scientific Discoveries 2018

As 2018 begins to wind up the Podd Socks crew get together to highlight the latest science news and learn about the scientific breakthroughs and discoveries of the year. Such breakthroughs include Full Penis Transplants,[…]

Episode 246 – Weird Competitions

All over the world there are weird competitions that are going on. This week we’re taking a hard and fast look at some of these competitions and attempting to make amusing comments about them, their[…]

Episode 245 – JFK Conspiracies

The assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963 is still the subject of a wide range of conspiracy theories. But what are they and can we put this case to rest finally? The answer[…]

Episode 244 – Unidentified Submerged Objects

An unidentified submerged object is an unidentified object submerged in water and this week the podd socks lads are taking a look at some famous cases of these underwater anomalies. Also: Jack talks about weebs[…]

Episode 243 – Unicorn Magic

This week the Podd Socks podcast is taking a deep dive into the world of unicorn mythology. Are they real and if they are, just what are they capable of? Also: Do unicorns grant wishes?[…]

Episode 242 – Halloween 2018

This week the lads are taking a look at some of the recent controversies surrounding Halloween including racism, misogyny and lord of the rings. Will there be more needles in strawberries? Meanwhile what are some[…]

Episode 241 – Shadow People

This week the guys are looking at the terrifying phenomenon known as the shadow people. Who are the shadow people and what are they? Ghosts, inter dimensional beings, time travellers? Echos? It is a mystery[…]

Episode 240 – Fight!

This week the lads are looking at some of the most recent fights & controversies from around the world. What’s going on with the US Supreme Courts election of Brett Kavanagh, Connor McGregor loses in[…]

Episode 239 – The Rapture

The rapture is an End Time event that refers to when all Christian believers – living and dead – will rise into Heaven and join Christ and the non believers will remain behind and suffer.[…]