Episode 239 – The Rapture

The rapture is an End Time event that refers to when all Christian believers – living and dead – will rise into Heaven and join Christ and the non believers will remain behind and suffer.[…]

Episode 238 – Old Wives Tales

The lads are diving in to the concept of old wives’ tales, which are stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. But are there any truth to these tales or are they[…]

Episode 237 – Universal Basic Income

What is Universal Basic Income and what does it do? It is essentially a type of program in which citizens of a country may receive a regular sum of money from the government no strings[…]

Episode 236 – Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans aren’t a new trend but they’ve seen a recent re-emergence lately and its driving the lads crazy. What is the deal with this sliced up denim??? Meanwhile the guys take a look at[…]

Episode 235 – Australian Terrorism Plots

Since the terrible attacks in America on September 11th 2001, many Australians have been living with a fear that our country may be next… but is that fear justified? Fortunately, many of the attacks that[…]

Episode 234 – Ethical Scenarios

This week we’re taking a hard look at some ethical scenarios and discussing what is the right thing to do. Sometimes the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do are hard to[…]

Episode 233 – Fung Shui

Feng shui is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Could this ancient science be worthwhile, and if not, then why are many businesses,[…]

Episode 232 – Weird Diets

There are quite a lot of different fad diets out there, some of which are quite peculiar. This week the lads are taking a dive into the world of health, nutrition and dieting. One particular[…]

Episode 231 – The Circus

In this episode of Podd Socks the lads are talking about the circus because Nathan had just went to see a travelling circus and had many a thing to say about the things that he[…]

Episode 230 – Social Media & PC Culture

The lads are back at it again debating the issue of PC Culture and Social Media. Is the PC Culture we live in getting worse? Some say yes while others say no. Meanwhile the lads[…]