Podd Socks – Episode 42 – The Cat Queen

Download the Mp3! Kris, Nathan and Ben are here for this weeks all new Podd Socks! Nathan is on a 2 week holiday break and is just relaxing, meanwhile Kris has a wisdom tooth issue[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 37 – Employed!

Download the Mp3! Jack enters the workforce in an extremely fascinating way, Kris quits his World of Warcraft addiction cold turkey and Ben talks about his healthy hot dog dinners. Everyone analyses the details of[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 36 – Good Man

Download the Mp3! Kris talks about his surgery experience, Ben guides some foreigners through Sydney and Jack talks about the new Google Glass glasses. Is ben a noble & good man, an old women thinks[…]

Episode 35 – Chicken Job

Download the Mp3! How do you tell the difference between a male chicken and a female chicken? What do the Chinese new year’s animals represent? Do homeless bums kiss when they perform deviant acts in[…]

Episode 34 – Gallstones

Download the Mp3! Kris talks about his diagnosis of gall stones, Ben talks about the new Star Wars movies & everyone takes a sociopath quiz.

Episode 33 – Christmas 2012

Download the Mp3! A special live hang out at Jack’s farm, just in time for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho? SPOILER warning, we talk about the movie Looper and some pixar movies. You’ve been warned. Happy[…]