Episode 24 – Boiling Crabs

Download the Mp3! Ben talks about his recent trips to and from Sydney on Planes and Trains. He reveals an encounter with a gay elderly man at the back of a plane. Kris wonders why[…]

Episode 23 – Remembering 9/11

Download the Mp3! With September 11th in a few days we take a moment to remember where we were 11 years ago and how we found out about the horrible tragedy that happened on September[…]

Episode 22 – Hey Dad

Download the Mp3! Happy Fathers Day! Kris gets into a confrontation at a take out pizza shop, Nathan encounters an angry horse and Ben wishes he could ride a roller coaster in North Korea. Nathan[…]

Episode 21 – Millenium Bug

Download the Mp3! Ben gets food poisoning, Kris reminisces on the Millennium Bug and Jack tells us about his dream of killing Vladimir Putin. How do you introduce your kids to cool nerdy stuff and[…]

Episode 20 – Hooker Stories

Download the Mp3! How does reincarnation work? Jack talks about how on an atomic level we all have atoms from dinosaurs inside us. Kris wishes he could be a stay at home dad and talks[…]

Episode 19 – Mars Rover Curiosity

Download the Mp3! Ben talks about the Mars Rover Curiosity’s successful launch and Kris wonders if fast food germs could contaminate the Mars surface. Will Australia’s poor performance at the London 2012 Olympics affect the[…]

Episode 18 – V is for?

Download the Mp3! Discussion of a controversial Australian Ad Campaign by CareFree is deemed to be ridiculous. Ben reveals the hauntingly tragic reason why he hates going camping, Kris wonders what Harry Potter is up[…]

Episode 17 – Olympics Special

Download the Mp3! London 2012 Olympic Fever sets in as we discuss sports, swimming and shot put. Ben tells a story about how a pair of dolphins found a lost baby whale and returned it[…]

Episode 16 – Mermaids

Download the Mp3! Are Mermaids Real? How does Australia protect its natural resources from invading countries? Do you have a weird fantasy? What is your ice age survival plan and just what exactly is the[…]

Episode 15 – Sheep Fur

Download the Mp3! If you could magically be the opposite sex for the 24 hours what would you do and what would you get up to. Also, the boys chat about their past work experiences,[…]