Episode 225 – Prison or Death

It seems like common sense that it would be cheaper to simply execute the worst criminals rather than house, feed and take care of them for the rest of their life… or is it? In[…]

Episode 224 – Chemtrails

The trail of clouds that follow behind an airplane streaking across the sky can be a confusing sight for children and adults alike… but just what are they? Some have speculated that these trails are[…]

Episode 223 – Con Artists

A confidence game starts with basic human psychology. This week we take a look at scams, cons and all that jazz. Things get dicey and there is a revelation about scam artistry and Nigerian princes.[…]

Episode 222 – Disneyland Secrets

Is “the happiest place on Earth” finally heading Down Under? Rumours have been circulating for decades about the Disney corporation making an Australian Park… and now finally it might be happening! Meanwhile the lads go[…]

Episode 221 – Dinosaur Extinction

Around 66 million years ago the mighty dinosaurs vanished from the face of the earth… but what exactly happened to them? No one knows for sure, but we have some ideas. Meanwhile whats all the[…]

Episode 220 – Kids TV Show Conspiracies

As adults we can look back on everything from our childhood with a new perspective. Several TV shows from the past have come to light recently with sinister, unclean and dirty motives behind them. For[…]

Episode 219 – Should We Clone Humans?

Science is not quite at the level of cloning entire human beings, but it is now possible to clone human cells. This week the lads are discussing cloning and whether we should be cloning at[…]

Episode 218 – Smallville Where Are They Now?

Starting in 2001 and ending in 2011, Smallville chronicled Clark Kent’s adventures as an ordinary teenager to full-time superhero. The show wasn’t so much about Superman rather it explored why Superman was Superman. In this[…]

Episode 217 – Paraphilias

There are 1000’s of people out there living their lives with dark sexual perversions… but is it their fault that they have these disorders or can we work out why they have these sick deviations[…]

Episode 216 – Infinity War

Fun isn’t something one considers when listening to a podcast. But this, does put a smile on my face. SPOILER WARNING. This weeks episode of Podd Socks features an experiment as we record our car[…]