Podd Socks – Episode 175 – Celebrity Criminals

Society looks at celebrities as roles models, but many famous people have been accused of horrible crimes. Some famous celebrities have been drug mules while others are racists, murderers and rapists. In this episode Podd[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 172 – Out of Place Artifacts

Out of place artifacts are artifacts of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in an unusual context, that challenges conventional historical chronology by being “too advanced” for the level of civilization that existed at the[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 171 – Aussie Witches

Everyone has heard of the Salem Witch Trials, but what is less known about is that Australia has its own Witch Culture and witch trials. The first settlers in particular deliberately concealed objects including mummified[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 170 – Disney Classics

The Wonderful World of Disney has some great films in its archives. From Cinderella to The Lion King, the studio’s extensive reach is vast, and it’s safe to say that a Disney movie has probably[…]