Podd Socks – Episode 143 – Old Aussie Commercials

Kris, Jack and Nathan go on a trip down memory lane as they explore Nostalgia. Jingles, ads and commercials from yesteryear dominate this experimental episode! Can you think of any commercials from your child hood[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 142 – November Miracles

Jack, Nathan and Kris discuss the upcoming American Election, explore all the curiousness relating to the month of November and go full on in depth with miracles. The burning question at the moment is… who[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 141 – Doctor Strange

Jack, Nathan and Kris do a full spoilery review of the just released Doctor Strange movie! The lads discuss all things magic and try to work out just how time loops work in a dimension[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 140 – Halloween 2016

Ben and Kris are here to talk about this years Halloween 2016 plans! What are the Top Projected Halloween Costumes that people will be dressing up as? Meanwhile discussion turns to a zombie walk event[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 139 – How To Poo Correctly

Jack, Nathan and Kris squat down to talk about toilets and all things toilet related in this magnificent episode. After a long night of research it is discovered that people in the western countries are[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 138 – Celebrity Worship

Kris, Jack and Nathan have a chat about why human beings idolize and worship celebrities. What makes us so fascinated by their hair styles, their taste in coffee and their relationships? Then a gripping discussion[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 137 – World Records

Ben, Kris and Jack try to talk about some interesting world records but things get derailed as they often do. A man who eats a plane, a woman who marries alot and a man with[…]