Episode 153 – Valentines Day 2017

Ben and Kris have a deep and meaningful discussion about Valentines Day 2017 and what eBay items are probably the best gifts to get for someone on Valentines Day. Plus there’s some other shenanigans that[…]

Episode 152 – Alien Coverup Theory

This week Podd Socks tries their hardest to intelligently discuss the possibility that all the governments in the world are lying to us about the alien presence on earth. Polls reveal that over 90% of[…]

Episode 151 – Australian of the Year

Kris and Ben sit down to discuss the line up for Australian of the Year this year. Each year Australia celebrates the achievement and contribution of eminent Australians through the Australian of the Year Awards[…]

Episode 150 – My Dinner with Andre

Kris catches up with his oldest friend from childhood – Special Guest Andre. Andre is a film maker, cinematographer, writer and world traveler. Andre was voted Top 100 Indie Filmmakers in the World in 2015[…]

Episode 149 – Would You Rather Punch A Baby

Ben, Jack, Nathan and Kris sit down after a few drinks to snot out an episode. The question on everyone’s mind is if there was a gun to your families head, would you rather punch[…]

Episode 148 – New Years Eve

Kris, Jack and Nathan ring in the new year with a bang. The lads discuss the forced pressure to have a good time on new years and analyse how everyone judges each others NYE plans.[…]

Episode 147 – It’s Nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas and Podd Socks is here to set the record straight. Ben and Kris decide that it is time to get festive! Ben recalls the time he got a horrible secret santa gift,[…]

Episode 146 – Fantastic Beasts

Ben and Kris sit down to explore the first film in the Harry Potter universe without Harry Potter and boy-o-boy is it a downer. The film takes place in New York in the 1920s. Newt[…]

Episode 145 – Future Cooking Technologies

If you’re anticipating the future technologies and how they will relate to kitchen trends, The Podd Socks Podcast is right there with you! So what might the quintessential 2056 kitchen look like? We’ve conducted the[…]

Episode 144 – What Will President Trump Do?

Ben and Kris are joined by special guest Jack Meehoff to process the United States of America’s recent election results. The lads run through just exactly what Donald Trump has pledged to do as president[…]