Podd Socks – Ep 115 – Top 10 Sideshow Freaks

  Why are we so fascinated with freaks and weirdo’s? This week Podd Socks investigates the worlds top 10 sideshow freaks (as compiled by Kris during his numerous website searchings). Which freaks make the list[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 113 – Return of the King

The podcasterino people have been saying for the last six months, “Where’s Ben?” and “We want Ben back!”. The voices were so loud on social media it even almost started a hashtag movement #WeWantBenBack2016. In[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 112 – Dangerous Foods

What are the most dangerous foods on earth? Podd Socks discusses the puffer fish, hot dogs, African fruits and mushrooms in this wonderful food extravaganza episode. What is your favorite food? What is the best[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 108 – Saint Valentine

What is the history of Saint Valentine and why do we celebrate the anniversary of his death? The Podd Socks investigation team delves deep into various encyclopedia Britannica’s and uncovers various clues and makes startling[…]

Podd Socks – Episode 107 – Australia Day

It’s Australia Day 2016 and Jack, Nathan and Kris talk about their recent expedition to the Wallaby Mine and Lake Kerrford. It’s an uncomfortable episode because they’re all sopping wet after being drenched by a[…]