Episode 188 – Car Break Down

A catastrophe strikes the Podd Socks gang as old reliable breaks down on the side of the road leaving Kris and Nathan stranded for over an hour. Join us this week as we retell the harrowing experience and discuss how despite all the technology available to us vehicle break downs are at an all time high.

Meanwhile, road rage is a growing concern in Australia and we discuss some of the worst most recent car crashes around the world.

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1 thought on “Episode 188 – Car Break Down

  1. The car only broke down because Kris stopped believing.
    Jack is wrong – the thing people don’t realize is that mechanics don’t know anything about cars, they make shit up to satisfy customers and all they do is light a candle and say some incantations and the cars work again.

    source: I’m a former member of the Hot Wheels Cult

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