Podd Socks – Episode 46 – Twogging

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Jack returns to the podcast after a small absence and fills everyone in on his adventures. Apparently the rapscallion has become massively addicted to  Guild Wars 2. He gives a little review and Kris talks about how he has been playing the Telltale games The Walking Dead series.  Jack reads a listener email asking about new features he would like for real life.

Was Bill Murray a rapist in Groundhog day? Most likely. Jack talks about De Zwart Lawyers and shares an important lesson he learned in flower bed construction. Kris wonders would society frown on someone with a fetish for dating the mentally retarded? Rule 34 of the internet  states that there must be someone out there out of the 7 billion humans that has a kinky fetish for the handicapped. Where do they find there partners? There should be an e-harmony for retarded people.

Would you prefer society to crumble if it meant you could rebuild it? Jack would, we also learn Jack may be a member of a communist regime, or at least a socialist. Kris talks about the time he went to Holland. Where did the internet fad Twogging come from and will Australian’s get in on the butt shaking action? Ben invents a new internet sensation to succeed Twogging and just may be our golden ticket.


Jack informs us of his adjustments to his new job as a cat cleaner and the getting up early for the jobs. Kris asks what it would take to get them both back into Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, mentioning the cool trailer for the new 5.4 raid. Also make sure to check out our friends over at the awesome addiction.

Also we get a shout out from The Aussie Tech Heads !

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