Podd Socks – Episode 47 – Bad Movie Sequels

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A man in Idaho gets sentenced for 5 years in prison after romancing a cat, meanwhile Kris feels a bit down in the dumps… Do men suffer from a period of time each month where they feel a bit depressed, sort of like mansies?

We review the TV show Under the Dome and have some choice words to say about it.  Myth’s about Hell is a shittly little pamphlet that is being distributed into peoples mailboxes, should this be illegal? An Australian girl is biologically immortal, what are the repercussions of being immortal? If in the event of a life or death scenario and you had to save a stranger or your dog who would save? Who has the duty of care?

Can we come up with some bad movie sequels to pitch to Hollywood executives? On the twitters we came up with Cast Away 2 and then we come up with a few new ones.


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