Podd Socks – Episode 57 – Heat Wave

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Kris and Nathan take a drive out to Jack’s farm in Beechworth. They get lunch at the Nicholas Hotel and then sit down in a cramped room to record during the hottest heat wave in Australian History. How do you handle such extreme temperatures and how do the farm animals not die? The bartender at lunch could not work an ATM and also had a Scottish accent. We wonder what accents do you find sexy?

A man was fatally shot in movie theatre for texting during the trailers. We wonder why people just snap and start shooting people? Meanwhile, why would Justin Bieber throws eggs at neighbors house and how does he get busted? The dirtiest man in the world lives in Iran and Nathan wonders if he has a mental disability.

Jack talks science and answers questions about the expanding universe; wondering if there is a limited amount of atoms in the universe or is something forming new atoms? We question where we would visit that was dangerous; would you visit an active volcano?

Kris loses his shit over the price of muesli.


Nathan samples the local apricot beer; doesn't taste of apricot at all.

Nathan samples the local apricot beer; doesn’t taste of apricot at all.

Jack enjoys his lunch

Jack enjoys his lunch, a pork roll.

Kris' Lunch at the Nicholas Hotel

Kris’ Lunch at the Nicholas Hotel

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