Podd Socks – Episode 58 – Captain Phillips


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Kris, Ben and Jack sit down to review the movie Captain Phillips and discuss Tom Hank’s crying.  How would you handle being abducted by Somali pirates?

Discussion quickly turns to  Australia Day 2014 and how careful we should be around public barbecues. Have you ever experienced anything dodgy in a cinema? Let us know!

James works for a company called Launch Corporate who are supposedly one of the most reputable Company Registration Services in Australia. James wants us to mention his website  and he will award us 100 free facebook likes. Is this a fake offer by a robot or is James an entrepreneur trying his best to branch out and connect with social media? Let’s find out! How many fake accounts are on facebook? We discuss whether accepting his offer is selling out. Ben wonders do split personalities have different Facebook pages?

China is creating a theme park ride that simulates the final moments on the titanic. Kris wonders is this okay and what will be next?

Have you ever bought anything from a yard sale?

A tiny discussion of who will win the Superb Owl this Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Podd Socks – Episode 58 – Captain Phillips

  1. I discovered your podcast through reddit and have listened to a few episodes now. What a fantastic show!!! You guys are very funny together.

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