Podd Socks – Episode 60 – Sochi Winter Olympics


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The Sochi Winter Olympics are in full swing and Ben Kris and Jack sit down to talk about the drama that’s been hovering around these games. The malfunctioning opening ceremony ring, the hotels water having dangerous substances and the risk of falling into open manholes. Could the olympics be more creative with their new sports? Would you like to see Snowball fights, ice carvings and snow wrestling be introduced to the games?

Australia earns its first medal thanks to Torah Bright winning us a silver, meanwhile do dogs always poop facing north? Scientists are researching this. Seriously! What other stupid things are scientists doing these days? Heaps of dumb stuff. Are supermarkets hijacking Valentines Day?


Ben recommends the foreign romantic comedy, Spellbound
Kris recommends the 6 hour documentary, September 11th : The New Pearl Harbor
Jack really, really does not recommend Ridley Scott’s : Prometheus


also… this