Podd Socks – Episode 62 – Interview with a Barbie Doll


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Inside Nathan’s messy garage we record an episode where Kris finds an old barbie doll from the 1990’s. We reminisce about old TV shows like Samurai Pizza Cats, Biker Mice from Mars and discuss the science behind Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver.

This week in the news, the suspected drug trafficker Schapelle Corby attempted to commit suicide after being released on parole. Was she innocent or guilty?

Kris perforated his ear drum this week and gives sage advise on how to avoid damaging your ears when cleaning out earwax. Meanwhile Nathan theory crafts about Brony’s the adult men who love a kids show called My Little Pony. Kris wonders if its okay for us as 28 year olds to watch tv shows about high schoolers like the vampire diaries.

Nathan reviews the movie I, Frankenstine and we outline what we will expect from the the new Matrix Trilogy and the problems we had with the 2nd and 3rd.

Jack buys KFC

Jack buys KFC

Jack and Nathan "setting up"

Jack and Nathan “setting up”

Kris takes a photo of the barbie doll mid recording

Kris takes a photo of the barbie doll mid recording

  • 2 intros for the price of one.

  • after watching the intro to biker mice from mars on youtube i regret nothing.

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